Roman and you will Greek Myths: Brands, Gods, Globes, and you will Astrology

Roman and you will Greek Myths: Brands, Gods, Globes, and you will Astrology

This page gives the fresh new names out of gods out of Roman and you can Greek mythology immediately following exactly who globes was basically titled and can define just how those globes was born titled shortly after her or him. It will provide images of them gods and certainly will give the tales. By extension, these gods’ planets-regarding brains of ancients-influenced the newest characteristics men and women produced at the certain times of the year. Therefore, you will find a link between gods, worlds, and you can astrology.

In the beginning Is actually Chaos

New ancients seen that in the event extremely celebrities managed a comparatively fixed position, a number of them appeared to circulate. Four such as for example “drifting stars”-the phrase “planet” arises from an excellent Greek phrase definition “to help you wander otherwise stray”-was basically noticeable to the fresh new naked eye. They certainly were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and you may Saturn. In reality, it is considered that the eight-big date week and the total sacredness of the number 7 contained in this of numerous mystical/spiritual living could have started towards observance out of eight heavenly bodies you to definitely gone. They certainly were the 5 obvious globes mentioned above, the sun’s rays, additionally the moon. All these 7 beautiful authorities is actually of a particular day of new week.

According to Greek myths, the first goodness was In pretty bad shape. Once the phrase Chaos provides certain photos of havoc and you will disorderliness for the English-speaking head, the Greek jesus Chaos was just a huge, blank, black colored, Absolutely nothing. In pretty bad shape try Colorado Springs CO sugar baby Nothingness, the Void, otherwise empty room.

After In pretty bad shape, new goddess Planet featured. She is actually proven to the latest Greeks while the Ge (otherwise Gaia), also to the fresh new Romans once the Terra. Note that title “George”, meaning “farmer”, comes from the fresh Greek “Ge” (earth) and you may “ergos” (be effective), actually meaning “individual who performs the earth”. While doing so, the fresh Latin (Roman) phrase “Terra” (earth) ‘s the supply of terms such “extraterrestrial”.

Environment searched out of absolutely nothing predicated on Greek myths: “A mess was initially of all the, but 2nd searched greater-bosomed World” (Hesiod, Theogony). Into the ancients, obviously, our planet was not regarded as a planet, as it wasn’t observed to “wander” or move anyway.

I’m able to use the phrase “Latin” and the keyword “Roman” interchangeably, as Latin is actually what of the ancient Romans.

So you can Explain Greek vs. Roman Mythology

In this post, I shall talk about the Greek gods and their Roman “counterparts” because if they were identical. not, these types of gods got different mythologies from the Greek and you can Latin living. This type of differing mythologies was at some point combined in manners, because Rome made an effort to absorb most of Hellenistic (Greek) community to your its own empire. In other suggests, although not, it stayed line of.

The fresh new Virgin Delivery away from Heaven

Ge (Earth) try a beneficial virgin whenever she gave delivery so you can the girl firstborn man, Ouranos, which means that “Sky” from inside the Greek. “Ouranos” is the Greek word and therefore, into the English translations of Christian New-testament, is translated because the “heaven”. Whilst Roman identity to the god Heavens was Caelus, the latest Latin spelling of your Greek title Ouranos is “Uranus”. Out of this, we become title out of a modern-day planet.

I call Uranus a good “modern” entire world since the, becoming unseen by the naked eye, that it globe was unknown towards ancients. The planet Uranus is really called since it is adjacent to Saturn. Saturn was new child away from Uranus, once i will show you 2nd. Inside astrology, Uranus try related today (regardless of if maybe not to begin with) toward zodiac sign Aquarius. While the Uranus is not one of the eight moving beautiful regulators that will be visually noticeable to the newest naked-eye, this is not regarding the some of the seven days regarding the latest few days.

Kronos (Roman name: Saturn), eating one of his true children. Ironically, whether or not Kronos castrated his dad getting starting odd what things to his children (stuffing them back to the mommy), Kronos wasn’t a great dad themselves.